<span class="texttitle">[title]<br />Following the Grid</span> <br />
			<span class="subtitle">tracing the square</span> [scene 1 illusion]<br />
			do vertical and horizontal lines frustrate or enable an illusion?<br />
			<span class="rock">in converging perspectival lines </span> <br />
			the distance becomes palpable [scene 2 indexing]<br />
			more than a type of spatial indexing <br />
			<span class="enlarge2x">grid geometry pervades our space,</span> <br />
			always with us, a constant reminder of infinity [scene 3 musical]<br />
			once you start looking<span class="enlarge2x"> the infinite variety </span> <br />
			of scale and pattern become like music, a structure that is both sensed and felt [scene 4 authoritarian]<br />
			Is it tyrranical and regimented? Totalitarian? <br />
			Is there a politics of vertical and horizontal lines? [scene 5 recursive]<br /> It is at once substructure and skin—  <br />
			Peel away the facade to see  <br />
			grid within grid <span class="rock">a recursive internal skeleton</span> [scene 6 delicate]<br />
			completely variable in appearance<br />
			for something so basic, so many appearances<br />
			lacy and delicate, brutal, or self-effacing [scene 7 generic]<br />
			it’s odd that something so generic <br />
			can look either <span class="enlarge2x"> retro </span> or charmingly <span class="enlarge2x">antique</span><br /> with slight alteration of the tempo of the lines [scene 8 order]<br />
			a graph, a plot, a map<br />
			an external representation of internal order [scene 9 replicate]<br />
			ultimately self-referential and self-replicating [scene 10 rational]<br />an objective way of dividing space <br /> <br /> <br />
			embodying rationality and calm, order and organization<br />
			against nature and for social order [scene 11 nexus]<br />
			it’s simplicity <br />
			conceals the most extreme industrial and urban complexity <br />
			like a multidemensional <span class="enlarge2x">mathematical array</span><br /> [scene 12 spreadsheet]<br />
			this facade can be read as a chessboard or a pixellated map,<br /> <br />
			a piece of graph paper or an accountant’s spreadsheet [scene 13 subdivision]<br />
			What is divided can be divided again, infinitely [scene 14 multiplicity]<br />
			in a single complex surface there was <br />
			a heterotopia of form and function <br />
			structure inside of structure [scene 15 dystopian]<br />
			You might think of grid geometry as<span class="enlarge2x"> utopian</span>. <br />
			and you would be partially correct [scene 16 mundane]<br />
			it is paradoxically ideal and concrete<br />
			mundane and cooly elegant. [scene 17 planes]<br />
			 <br /> <br /> <br />in the distance, diverging planes<br />
			of vertical and horizontal lines [scene 18 illusion]<br />
			in slightly varying proportions,<br />
			read as a graphical projection of space<br />
			their illusion flattens the tall towers<br /> [scene 19 plaid]<br />
			not merely mechanical mesh<br />
			forming a cheerful <span class="enlarge2x">industrial plaid</span> [scene 20 de stijl]<br />
			proscriptively geometric with an element of play <br /> <br /> <br />
			<span class="rock"> Mondrian </span><br />floating in our space