<span class="texttitle">[title]<br />Nocturne</span> <br />
		<span class="subtitle">city of shadows</span> [scene 1 palpable]<br />
			Resinous <span class="enlarge">amber light</span><br />
			pooling like thick honey<br />
			radiates warmth like a fireplace. [scene 2 flickering]<br />
			through a zoetrope of slender bars <br />
			the interior <span class="enlarge">animates</span> <br />
			frames of a film unfurling on the street. [scene 3 evanescent]<br />
			A harsh unshaded light,<span class="enlarge2"> acid green,</span><br />
			burns like a phosphorus flame. [scene 4 expressive]<br />
			In <span class="enlarge">nocturnal wandering</span>, <br />
			the familiar is theatricalized [scene 5 indefinite]<br />
			one thing morphs into another<br />
			until a headlight picks out a detail and<br />
			<span class="enlarge">ornaments</span>a barren surface. [scene 6 perception]<br />
			in complete and utter darkness,<br />
			depth of field is diminished [scene 7 revealed]<br />
			the truth of pedestrian structures <br />
			is revealed by garish light<br />
			to roaming <span class="enlarge">insomniacs</span> [scene 8 parallelism]<br /> 
			the flare-colored treads of an exposed stairway<br />
			extend upward like a reverse <span class="enlarge">accordion</span> [scene 9 anatomy]<br />
			steel skeleton of an abandoned building<br />
			illuminated from within,is so neatly framed<br />
			in <span class="enlarge">orthagonal</span> perspective [scene 10 dense]<br />
			the darkness deepens, becoming almost solid<br /><br /> [scene 11 luminescent]<br />
			in the black light<br />
			twisted pipes and rusted metal <br />
			glow like <span class="enlarge">neon</span> tubing. [scene 12 artifice]<br />
			the <span class="enlarge">unearthly</span><br />
			color is hallucinogenic<br />
			and as sharp as a scream in the night [scene 13 impasse]<br />
			long shadows cast by the tall buildings<br />
			seem solid and impenetrable<br /> [scene 14 illuminate]<br />
			across the endless empty parking lot<br />
			under cold sodium lights, everything is <br />
			<span class="enlarge">electric green</span>.<br /> [scene 15 pivot]<br />
			how quickly the enveloping warmth of the night<br />
			can shift into cold <span class="enlarge">alienation</span> [scene 16 contrast]<br />
			all over the darkened city, solidary pedestrians  <br />
			are irresistibly drawn toward pools of light [scene 17 substance]<br />
			everywhere, light transforms<br />
			the <span class="enlarge">materiality</span> of night <br /> [scene 18 superimpose]<br />
			the grid of a ventilation grille and a tangle of wire mesh<br />
			<span class="enlarge">projects</span> the most delicate lines on the wall [scene 19 delineate]<br />
			the <span class="enlarge">isometric</span> rectangle of an illuminated window<br />
			floats like a movie screen above our heads [scene 20 fragment]<br />
			the looming shapes dissolve and regroup<br />
			<span class="enlarge">constellations</span> <br />
			of the night passing across my wall [scene 21 panning]<br />
			dancing verticals, light glowing between the bars<br />
			in a <span class="enlarge">shadow play</span> of pictorial illusion