<span class='subtitle'>[title]</span><br />
		<span class='texttitle'>Industrial Strength</span><br />
		<span class='subtitle'>the seduction of destruction</span> <span class="textfont">[scene 1 oasis]<br />	
			In a forest of tangled metal, squares of cool blue glass<br />
			compose a parallelogram of order and reason	</span> <span class="textfont">[scene 2 connect]<br />
			The careful precision of machined parts<br />
			joints creaking as they finally fail<br />
			</span> <span class="textfont">[scene 3 abandon]<br />
			structural elements, reduced to <span class="texttitle"> idleness</span><br />
			flatten and ornament this deindustrialization<br />
			</span> <span class="textfont">[scene 4 marooned]<br />	
			Reduced to destruction porn <br />
			industrial shipwrecks dot the meadowlands <br />
			a constructivist’s dream gone south<br /> <span class="textfont">[scene 5 corrode]<br />
			rusted beams and tangled wires<br />
			of the old industrial outpost <br />
			<span class="texttitle">unfurl</span> like sculpture</span> <span class="textfont">[scene 6 traced] <br />				
			heaps of metal, crumbling masonry, mirror image of construction<br />
			project patterns intricate as Indonesian paper puppets<br /> <span class="textfont">[scene 7 project] <br />
			daylight sneaks in through tears in the corrugated skin <br />
			<span class="texttitle">louvered lines</span> paint the concrete floor<br /> <span class="textfont">[scene 8 awe] <br />	
			the vaulted space is a cathedral<br />
			of entropy and disintegration</span> <span class="textfont">[scene 9 frame]<br />
			a skewed parallelogram of fading light<br />
			inches imperceptibly to the right<br />
			incremental baby steps in a<br />
			<span class="texttitle">stop-motion </span>animation</span> <span class="textfont">[scene 10 torn]<br />	
			silent now, except for creaking steel,<br />
			the wind loosens a panel. <br />
			that groans from lack of use</span> <span class="textfont">[scene 11 heaped] <br />
			The explorer looking for signs of life <br />
			has to be a <span class="texttitle">miniaturist<br /></span>
			reading the tea leaves in a pile of debris<br />
			</span> <span class="textfont">[scene 12 embossed] <br />
			Remnants of industrial revolution dynamism<br />
			imprinted here in enormous scale and vast space<br />
			</span> <span class="textfont">[scene 13 darken] <br />
			It is always <span class="texttitle">twilight</span> here<br />
			blue shadows, dull gray steel, dull brick and tinted glass<br />
			</span> <span class="textfont">[scene 14 somber] <br />
			The effect is melancholic, and elegaic<br />
			puritan in its severity and uncompromising in retreat</span> <span class="textfont">[scene 15 banal] <br />
			Bits of new construction seem dead already<br />
			boxy brick warehouses of no noticable style</span> <span class="textfont">[scene 16 bland] <br />
			They choose <span class="texttitle">anonimity</span>, rejecting heroics<br />
			for cost-conscious and practical utiltiarianism </span> <span class="textfont">[scene 17 modest] <br />
			no time wasted on metaphor<br />
			they are structures that know their limits</span> <span class="textfont">[scene 18 ordinary] <br />
			a <span class="texttitle">vernacular</span> of ordinariness celebrated<br />
			in awkward proportions and synthetic materials</span> <span class="textfont">[scene 19 despoiled]<br />
			Scattered across a <span class="texttitle">ravaged</span> field<br />
			they litter the landscape, poignant in their isolation </span> <span class="textfont">[scene 20 fate]<br />
			diamond bright lights wink on the horizon<br />
			their light partially illuminating this post-industrial moonscape<br />