<span class="subtitle"> [title]</span><br />
			<span class="texttitle"> Blink, smile<br /> </span>
			<span class="subtitle">
			the persistence of vision
			</span> <span class="textfont">
			[scene 1 fleeting]<br />
			the eye retains the <span class="largermore">transient</span> image<br />
			as exterior layers are stripped away<br />
			the afterimage briefly endures
			</span> <span class="textfont">
			[scene 2 frame]<br />
			the <span class="enlarge opacityhalf">steel skeleton </span><br />
			replicates the internal logic<br />
			of the complete structure<br />
			like an xray view burned on the exterior
			</span> <span class="textfont">
			[scene 3 elevation]<br />
			graphically envisioned as<br />
			elements in a <span class="largermore opacityhalf"> schematic</span><br />
			in a cutaway view, their internal workings<br />
			have been stripped of mystery
			</span> <span class="textfont">
			[scene 4 lucid]<br />
			even a slight <br />
			<span class="enlarge opacityhalf"> transparency</span><br />
			would expose the complexity<br /> 
			just below the surface<br />
		</span> <span class="textfont">
			[scene 5 intermingle]<br />
			sometimes exterior and interior <br />
			are<span class="largermore opacityhalf"> indistinguishable</span><br />
			no shell and no core to separate
			</span> <span class="textfont">
			[scene 6 dissect]<br />
			public <span class="largermore opacityhalf"> dismemberment </span><br />
			is cruel and relentless<br />
			taking down and wiping out<br />
			stripping the carcass piece by piece<br />
			</span> <span class="textfont xlineht">
			[scene 7 tangle]<br />
			the exterior membrane peeled back,<br />
		 	the <span class="largermore">tangle of supports</span><br />
		 	casts shadow puppets on a nearby intact building, <br />
			the silhouette of a comatose industrial monster
			</span> <span class="textfont">
			[scene 8 expanse]<br />
		 	if you love geometry<br />
			this newly exposed field <br />
			of <span class="enlarge  xlineht"> repeating verticals</span><br /> 
			is pure <span class="enlarge">poetry</span>
			</span> <span class="textfont">
			[scene 9 coalesce]<br />
			within the scaffolding of straight lines<br />
			and at the core, is a tangle of steel<br />
			it looks like a clot of <span class="enlarge">seaweed</span><br />
			knotted and clumped like an Art Deco ornament
			</span> <span class="textfont">
			[scene 10 lead]<br />
			this demolition<span class="largermore"> wireframes</span> <br />
			the delineated spaces between girders <br />
			creating a line drawing lit up at night<br />
			construction lights shining from within<br />
			</span> <span class="textfont">
			[scene 11 palpable]<br />
			the image of what was there before reaches the retina <br />
			and registers as the ghost of something vanished<br />
			<span class="largerserif"> lingering in the air </span><br />
			like a conversation that was never finished<br />
			</span> <span class="textfont">
			[scene 12 strip]<br />
	 		in a monumental takedown<br />
			skin <span class="enlarge2x">bared</span> to the bone<br />
			</span> <span class="textfont">
			[scene 13 severe]<br />
			now austere, the anatomy of form<br />
			has an<span class="largerserif opacityhalf"> intelligence</span><br />
			and a morphology<br />
			that it lacked as a banal developer’s building<br />
			</span> <span class="textfont">
			[scene 14 pause]<br />
			it plays like a time-lapse photo<br />
			details accumulating then dematerializing<br />
			accretion, evanescence, reforming<br />
			a new <span class="enlarge2x"> entity</span>
			before your eyes
			</span> <span class="textfont">
			[scene 15 distort]<br />
			a likeness of what was there before<br />
			<span class="enlarge2x">persist</span><br />
			projected on the rubble<br />
			like a holy picture <span class="larger"> imprinted </span><br />
			on a piece of buttered toast <br />
			</span> <span class="textfont">
			[scene 16 loop]<br />
			memory is out of control <br />
			the  <span class="enlarge opacityhalf"> flow of images<br /> </span> 
			unstoppable and uninvited<br />
			an unending film playing at double speed<br />
			</span> <span class="textfont">
			[scene 17 mesh]<br />
			<spa class="enlarge2x opacityhalf"> transfixed </span><br />
			by lines and lines within lines<br />
			lines crossing lines, vibrating<br />
			in a ballet of regulated squares<br />
			</span> <span class="textfont">
			[scene 18 contain]<br />
			<span class="medserif opacityhalf">  <br />
			regulated, rhythmic</span><br />
			container and modulator<br />
			platonic ideal or prison bars
			</span> <span class="textfont">
			[scene 19 shard]<br />
			<span class="larger">clean geometry</span><br />
			the neatness of the modelmaker’s art <br />
			next to a tangle of cubist planes<br />
			unresolved systems
			</span> <span class="textfont xlineht">
			[scene 20 vibrate]<br />
			 this regular patterning is not neutral<br />
			 the ideology of order <br />
			 imposed on the former chaos of <br />
			 what happened to be there
			</span> <span class="textfont">
			[scene 21 blaze]<br />
			<span class="enlarge opacityhalf"> exceptions,</span><br />
			the few remnants of old signage<br />
			glow like an old cathode tube<br />
			in a darkened room