[title]<br /><span class="titletitle">
		<span class="texttitle">Brutalism</span> <br />
		<span class="subtitle">the rage of materials</span> [scene 1 inert]<br />
			hard surfaces are unforgiving<br />
			proudly <span class="enlarge2x">inorganic </span> <br />
			shaped into solid geometries [scene 2 mute]<br />
			<span class="enlarge2x">agressive</span> and muscular <br />
			rooted and weighty [scene 3 massive]<br />
			colossal bulk radiates constancy<br />
			<span class="enlarge2x">permanance </span><br />
			in poured concrete [scene 4 cold]<br />
			blandly <span class="enlarge2x">functional</span><br />
			like an impassive bureaucrat [scene 5 inert]<br />
			<span class="enlarge2x">elemental</span> like a force of nature<br />
			mistaking solidity for permanence [scene 6 isolate]<br /> 
			impervious to surroundings<br />
			self-consciously <span class="enlarge2x">heroic</span> [scene 7 fortress]<br />
			the <span class="enlarge2x">muscle</span> of concrete and steel<br />
			weathering, crumbling a ruin in progress [scene 8 drear]<br />
			living example of the poverty of economy<br />
			<span class="enlarge2x">ruggedness</span> gone awry<br /><br /><br /> [scene 9 ideology]<br />
			material rage takes many forms<br />
			like intimidation by consumption [scene 10 glitz]<br />
			the arrogance of materials is everywhere<br />
			as much in stifling <span class="enlarge2x">gaudiness</span><br /><br /> [scene 11 articulation]<br />
			as in overly refined exquisite detail<br />
			or crushingly expensive finishing [scene 12 reverance]<br />
			and in sensitivity so acute it’s depraved<br /> <br /> <br />
			attenuated aesthetics so<span class="enlarge2x">worshipful</span> 
			of surface, texture, form. [scene 13 force]<br />
			cast iron projectiles, steel braces<br />
			strong diagonal <span class="enlarge2x">buttressing</span><br /><br /> 
			dynamicm pushing against dead weight [scene 14 reveal]<br />
			an <span class="enlarge2x">organism </span>turned inside out,<br />
			nothing hidden<br />
			pipes and vents exteriorized [scene 15 poised]<br />
			austere and self-confident,<br />
			<span class="enlarge2x">bristling</span> with repressed hosility<br /><br /> [scene 16 pure]<br />
			untouched by fantasy, unmediated raw power, <br />
			raw surface, carrying traces of fabrication. [scene 17 rough]<br />
			diminished by time but still uncompromising<br />
			stark, enduring, <span class="enlarge2x">monumental</span> [scene 18 vast]<br />
			proposing a determinism of size<br /> 
			imperialism of scale driven by titanic ambition [scene 19 corroded]<br />
			<span class="enlarge2x">decay</span> is an unappredciated stylistic trait<br />
			adding a patina of time, erosion and loss [scene 20 ravaged]<br />
			exposed to the furious<span class="enlarge2x"> elements</span>,<br />
			in the war of attrition, materials always lose