Annette Weintraub Projects



Ghosted Artifacts (2021)

Virtual still life series. Archival pigment prints, 29 x 15.5 inches.

Ghosted Artifacts is a series of virtual still life images that strip away the texture, color and materiality of common domestic and industrial objects, upending their function and scale. Reduced to pure sculptural form, the elements in this virtual still life series populate an ambiguous space where the play of light and shadow creates intricate linear patterns and complex three-dimensional structures inhabit an immaterial landscape. This terrain is populated by the whitened skeletons of commercial cast-offs. It is an environment of objects that are severed from connotative meaning and read as phantomized, essential forms. A sequel to Short Takes, Ghosted Artifacts continues my exploration of two-dimensional representation, using light and shadow, 3D models and photographic images to create a topography of our disposable culture.

Ghosted Artifacts: zigzags, twists and turns
Ghosted Artifacts: cages and hooks
Ghosted Artifacts: slots and teeth
Ghosted Artifacts: coils and meshes
Ghosted Artifacts: nexus and spirals
Ghosted Artifacts: knobs and hubs
Ghosted Artifacts: perforated
Ghosted Artifacts: loops and louvers

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