Annette Weintraub Projects


Images Series

Interstitial (2022-2023)

Virtual still life series. Archival pigment prints, 19.75 x 15.5 inches.

Interstitial is the fourth series of virtual still life images that developed out of the Myrtle Walks moving panoramas in the Contested Spaces series. This series explores the interspatial relationships that form in the interstices of familiar, humble objects set in a virtual deep space. Like actual interstitial places, in which adjacent and economically marginal urban neighborhoods create a collision of lived environments, these virtual spaces are a stage for enacting narratives about attachment to inanimate objects, and the sinister undercurrent or implied threat conveyed by these inert things, as well as the larger story of the practice of over consumption and waste and its effects on the environment.

Interstitial: perforate
Interstitial: rough edges
Interstitial: role reversal
Interstitial: coiled
Interstitial: looped
Interstitial: interconnected
Interstitial: rings
Interstitial: punctuated
Interstitial: proximity
Interstitial: slotted in
Interstitial: wheels, spokes redux

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