Annette Weintraub Projects



Neon Nocturne (2022)

Virtual still life series. Archival pigment prints, 29 x 15.5 inches.

Neon Nocturne is the third series of virtual still life images that developed out of the Myrtle Walks moving panoramas. This series of images explores the iconic and sculptural qualities of various utilitarian household, studio and workplace objects defined by artificial light and color, deliberately confusing local color and color created through illumination. Employing 3D models amplifies the generic quality and inherent sculptural form of the familiar object, emphasizing abstract form.

Many of the walks that inspired the urban panoramas series happened at dusk, after a day’s work in the studio. The photographs that I took on these walks documented objects and landscape transformed by various kinds of artificial light. Familiar environments and objects were dramatized or obscured; light picked out and modelled form, transmuted shape, sometimes rendering common things virtually unrecognizable. Colored light is mood altering—often the ordinary, divorced from function and context becomes magical. Neon Nocturne continues my exploration of two-dimensional representation, using light and shadow, 3D models and photographic images to create a topography of mass-produced, disposable culture.

Neon Nocturne: scattered light
Neon Nocturne: visible light
Neon Nocturne: glancing rays
Neon Nocturne: light temperature
Neon Nocturne: long exposure
Neon Nocturne: low beams
Neon Nocturne: night shift
Neon Nocturne: dark lightgray
Neon Nocturne: incandescent

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