<span class='subtitle'>[title]</span><br /><br />
				<span class='titletitle'>Absence</span><br />
				<span class='subtitle'>the void is tangible</span> <span class="textfont">[scene 1 empty]<br />
				Peel away the chrome and mirrored glass<br />
				<span class="enlarge2x">reflect </span>
				upon what was lost</span> <span class="textfont">[scene 2 ordinary]<br />
				The memories once attached to this nondescript corner<br />
				take on a mythic quality, yellowed like an old <span class="texttitle">print</span> page
				</span> <span class="textfont">[scene 3 clouded]<br />
					how is it so much more <span class="texttitle">vivid <br />
					in absence </span>than when lived?
					</span> <span class="textfont">[scene 4 clamor]<br />
				The conglomeration of competing signs, images and lights. <br />
				<span class="texttitle">raucous disorder </span>and turbulence <br />
				was experienced as </span><span class="texttitle">anarchy</span> <span class="textfont">[scene 5 sanitized]<br />
				Now it’s gone, replaced by <span class="texttitle">disinfected tidiness</span><br />
				ragged wildness tamed and eccentricity banished</span> <span class="textfont">[scene 6 filter]<br />
				<span class="enlarge2x">Memory</span> tries to unlock the dead spaces,<br />
				reanimating the rest with an overlay of images <br />
				that smoothes away the sharp edges</span> <span class="textfont">[scene 7 vacant]<br />
				Alert to occult details, the <span class="texttitle">observant</span> eye<br />
				reads the empty space inside the gilded frame <br />
				</span> <span class="textfont">[scene 8 obscure]<br />
				the story is in the <span class="texttitle"> anonymity</span> of space<br />
				modular squares that frame absence<br />
				</span> <span class="textfont">[scene 9 crease]<br />
				Negative space shaped like a blue steel scalpel<br />
				the dark sky parts two  <span class="texttitle">monoliths</span><br />
				</span> <span class="textfont">[scene 10 inscribe]<br />
				no landmarks or distinguishing features interrupt<br />
				the repeating lines of perfecty rectangular windows<br />
				</span> <span class="textfont">[scene 11 transport]<br />
				a few trees, leaves <span class="texttitle">illuminated</span> by uplight<br />
				float like small clouds of moss on a sea of glass<br />
			</span> <span class="textfont">[scene 12 chiseled]<br />
				<span class="texttitle">deepening shadows</span> throw the intricate details <br />
				of a random cornice and a foliated column<br />
				into precise relief exaggerated by surrounding flatness</span> <span class="textfont">[scene 13 recuse]<br />
				<span class="texttitle">ornamentation</span> is a respite from the present<br />
				as bits of organic life escape the stone and unfurl before our eyes<br />
				</span> <span class="textfont">[scene 14 tunnel]<br />
				an antidote to the uniformity of the <span class="texttitle">corridor</span> of office towers,<br />
				these lively incidents of animation open a window to the past<br />
				</span> <span class="textfont">[scene 15 extend]<br />
				such small details yet they read expansively <br />
			 	and push back against the <span class="texttitle">wallpaper</span> of geometry<br />
				<br />
				</span> <span class="textfont">[scene 16 span]<br />    
				these graceful framing devices are our <span class="texttitle">relics</span><br />
				the eye seeks them out and rests there momentarily<br /> 
				</span> <span class="textfont">[scene 17 glowing]<br />
				when the light dims to black, the small squares of light<br />
				create a <span class="texttitle">vertical carpet </span>of glowing tiles <br />
				to border rectangle of brilliant green grass</span> <span class="textfont">[scene 18 minute]<br />
				so many toylike figures dot the backlit lawn<br />
				scattered among the <span class="texttitle">wireframed</span> folding chairs<br /></span> <span class="textfont">[scene 19 secluded]<br />
				in easy solitude or <span class="texttitle">anomic isolation</span><br />
				their rectangle becoming the void within the frame<br />